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    Commercial Carpet Cleaning with Perfect Pile quality. We all know what carpet cleaning is any why its good to do, however our busy life style does often mean it  gets overlooked in favour of  a quick vacuum as and when it is needed.

    With some time and a small outlay you can do the job yourself by hiring machines, but this often takes longer than expected and does not achieve the desired results. Once you have included detergents and additional treatment can work out to be more pricey than expected as well.

    Here at Perfect Pile Northampton we can step in and take all the trouble out of brightening up the flooring in you home. There really is no situation we cannot cater for and have most likely completed something similar in the past due to our wealth of experience.

    We can work to deadlines for moving home or decorating and work around furniture or move ti for you if you require. We can even provide urgent or emergency carpet cleaning if needed.

    No job is to big or small and we have a variety of experts and different cleaning machines that are tailored to your specific circumstances.

    We are known for our courtesy and efficiency and always provide written quotes at our best prices and advise on a time frame to complete the job and the number of cleaning experts required. We run offers and where possible will try to beat other local quotes.

    Perfect Pile advise domestic customers to clean carpets annually as more than this is often not necessary and will put addition strain on the flooring. Our solutions and and cleaning process (rinsing) will help the dirt to stay away as long as possible and with care your carpets will look like new and retain the freshness throughout the home.

    Finally, when decorating a home we recommend that this as a good time to look at cleaning the carpets as the rooms are often clear (and can be done efficiently) and this additional effort can make all the difference to the newly painted room and may avoid the need for new carpets.

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    Carpets were cleaned to a suburb standard on time and with minimal disruption. Very happy with the work carried out and will be using them again - Thank you!